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Implementing Partners  
In three major rounds of funding, the CIRCLE project has awarded 101 sub-contracts in 23 countries in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. All projects are underway. This website publishes project summaries and frequent spotlight stories of NGO projects. Click here for descriptions of NGOs and Projects.
Best Practices  
Meilleurs Pratiques / Mejores Prácticas

In context of the CIRCLE project, a best practice is an aspect of a project that has been effective and preventing or reducing child labor and is an inspiration to others. As of April 2008, CIRCLE has analyzed and documented the Best Practices and has produced the manual entitled: Best Practices in Preventing and Eliminating Child Labor through Education. This document is designed to assist local community-based and/or non-governmental organizations in planning or analyzing their own projects, to support the role of national and international development networks, and to present CIRCLE as a model of best practice for donor organizations and major international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that fund these types of activities.

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Download the Best Practices in Preventing and Eliminating Child Labor through Education document.

Télécharger le document des Meilleures Pratiques: Prévention et Élimination du Travail des Enfants à travers l'Education en Français

Descargue el documento de Mejores Prácticas en la Prevención y Eliminación del Trabajo Infantil a Través de la Educación en Español
Spotlight Stories  
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 Welcome to the CIRCLE Project

CIRCLE has been working since 2002 to reduce and prevent child labor by promoting education and awareness-raising locally-initiated projects all over the world. Since then, the following impacts have been noted:

  • Over 65,000 people have received training on child labor and education
  • Over 24,000 children have been prevented or withdrawn from hazardous labor and provided with an education, averaging a 90% retention rate
  • Over 57,000 media campaign materials have been produced
  • Over 600,000 people have been reached with awareness-raising campaigns
  • Over 600 teachers have been trained, creating over 90 new curriculums that address issues of child labor
  • Over 40 government policies have been changed to be more child-friendly
The CIRCLE Project is based in Arlington, Virginia, USA. The former regional hub offices closed on December 2007, in conjunction with the ending of the first project phase of CIRCLE I. To learn more about child labor in these regions, click on the map below:

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For information on recent highlights among CIRCLE's sub-projects, please read our regional newsletters. The purpose of the newsletters is to share and exchange information on successes and lessons in the field of child labor and education among CIRCLE's community-based NGO partners in each region.

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