Spotlight on NDS:
Community Participation Brings Positive Project Results in Bangladesh
CIRCLE partner, National Development Society (NDS) uses Mobile Education Centers and Drop-in-Centers to educate children engaged or at-risk of child labor in Chittagong and Dhaka, Bangladesh. Children and their parents have responded very enthusiastically to these education centers because they integrate health, sports, meals and other recreational activities into daily learning. As a result children want to become educated and participate, and parents are happy as children learn something and are in a safe environment. Students cultivate a sense of hard work, critical thinking, and fair play while competing in art and cultural programs, essays, and debates. After completion of the program, children are able to transition into the local formal school system.

June 2006. Since the start of its project, NDS has collaborated closely with other community members and organizations that support its efforts to reduce child labor in Bangladesh. At a recent student-parent-NDS meeting to discuss the project, all the children from the drop-in center and their parents attended. Parents praised the program after finding that their children are now much more focused at home. Mr. Eusuf Khan, father of Alauddin, said, “I like this program very much and want my son to make a better life. I don’t like it when my son has to do any hazardous jobs. Onward I will always motivate the parents to be more and more attentive to their children so that the children do not deviate from their way”. Other parents also spoke on the meeting, praising the program because they’re now confident that their children will “make a graceful life.”

Mother of a child speaking in parent-management meeting