Spotlight on Obispo, Bolivia:
From the landfills to school
The nongovernmental organization Obispo Anaya, CIRCLE partner in Bolivia, uses the strategy “Fun, Education, Nutrition (REN)” to eradicate one of the worst forms of child labor: garbage scavengers.

For many of these children, working in the garbage is a matter of survival and means the only way they can find money to buy food. This is because they are often unable to find it at their homes, due to the extreme poverty situation of their families. This is why, in order to retain children at school, it is so important to, besides filling time with formal and non-formal education programs, supply them with school meals that also aim to mitigate the effects of inadequate nutrition in the learning process. This is the Education and Nutrition component of the program.

The Fun strategy component seeks to sensitize child laborers about the risks to which they are exposed in the landfills, and to use games and activities through which they can learn ways to purify their lungs and reduce the level of contamination they are exposed to, while rescuing their childhood.

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