Spotlight on CRADA:
Community Spirit Creates Change in Bonkorkor Village
The community of Bonkorkor, in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, is inhabited by settler-farmers who grow cocoa, rice, and other foodstuffs. The population is comprised of mostly northerners (at 80%) and the Akan tribe. The northerners migrated from the northern part of the Ghana to settle as share croppers and most of their children are involved in farming activities at the expense of their education.
December 2005. The communal spirit amongst the people of Bonkorkor is very high. The villagers built their own 5-unit classroom block for their children about 30 years ago, but the structures are in a deplorable state. The Ghana Education Service supports the school, but many children and teachers must still walk 3 to 6 kilometers to attend the school, deterring many of them.

Through CIRCLE partner CRADA’s interventions in community education, training, sensitization, and self-direction via participatory approaches, the community has been empowered to start making changes. Community achievements so far have included:
A "How they Stand" Chart
In order to encourage the local Committees on Children in Exploitative Labor (CCEL) to work hard and to create a spirit of competitiveness, a chart has been erected at the CIRCLE/CRADA project secretariat. This chart shows the performance of the CCELs in various communities and marks are awarded according to committee performance. This strategy increases community effort and commitment.