Spotlight on CWISH:
Bindu is Reunited with her Family
September 2005. Bindu had been working as a child laborer since 2004. She only started to study at the Non-Formal Education (NFE) Center in Kusunti, Nepal, when she became supported by CWISH. During that time, she was taught literacy and numeracy, and was informed of her rights, the negative consequences of child labor, and the benefits of living with her own parents.

After awhile, Bindu decided to quit her work as a child domestic worker, and preferred to go back home to stay with her family and study in her school. She internalized that her rights were violated; she had felt discrimination, and that there was no security for her in her present situation. Yet, in spite of all these feelings, she felt overwhelmed by the process of trying to reunite with her family, and stayed silent.

Bindu studying at school
Fortunately, a team of visitors came to the NFE Center. The team was from her home village, and included her mother. When Bindu saw her mother, she was surprised and told all her past suffering as a domestic laborer. Her mother, previously unaware of the problem, contacted her employer and removed her from the work. At the end of the visit, Bindu returned home with her mother.

Shortly after, Bindu was visited in her home village by CWISH. When she saw CWISH staff, she asked to convey a message to her NFE facilitator. With a smiling face she said, "Sir, can you say my teacher Praksh Sir that I am studying here and quite happy, and I am thankful to him for the knowledge he imparted to me. One day I will be a teacher and teach child workers, that's why, tell the people that I am studying hard here."