Regions: Africa   Asia   Latin America

Name of Organization: Manab Unnayan Kendra (MUK)

Country: Bangladesh

Project Title: "Non-Formal Education for Children"

Project Timeframe: 18 Months

Location of Project: Thana (P.S) Meherpur Sadar

Budget Amount: $9,988.57

NGO contact and website:
Mr. Md. Shahidul Islam
Nilkuthi Road
Amhjupi Bazar
Office: 0171-445422

Project's Primary Objective: Objective #2 – Strengthening Formal and Informal Educational System

Description of Organization: Manab Unnayan Kendra (MUK) has been providing services to child laborers age between 12 to 17 years since July 1999 and will continue in Meherpur Pourashava with the immediate objectives "to improve the living conditions for groups of present child laborers in the project area and through long term preventive activities reducing the future numbers of child laborers in the local slum area." Many activities have been implemented for improving the situation of the children and for establishing their rights in the society. To raise the awareness of the children, guardians and community people, MUK organizes community-based meetings to discuss child labor concerns and child rights issues. Besides, MUK demonstrates dramas focusing on the child's rights issues.

Description of Project funded by CIRCLE: The Non-Formal Education for Children project will focus on non-formal education (NFE) for 450 targeted child domestic workers by establishing community based learning centers. A total of 15 learning centers will be established where NFE and other services such as health, recreational facilities, counseling and skill training will be provided. The younger child laborers (5-12 years) will be admitted into the formal school after the completion of 18 months of NFE classes. Various strategies will be followed to provided NFE and mainstream education and skill training to targeted child domestic workers courses for different age group.

Project Targets (Common Indicators):
Enrollment: 450 of at risk children enrolled in educational programs
Persistence: 405 (90%) of children that persist in program (are promoted or repeat the same grade, phase or level)
Transition: 225 (50%) of at risk children that make a transition to a formal school, i.e., enroll in a formal school program
Completion: 405 (90%) of children that complete an educational program, which they are enrolled by a CIRCLE sub-contractor.