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Name of Organization: Programa de Apoyo para la Salud Materno Infantil y para la Salud de otros Grupos de Riesgo (PAMI)

Country: Guatemala

Project Title: "En Panajachel le apostamos a la Educación" ("In Panajachel We Bid on Education")

Project Timeframe: 12 months (Starting in June 2005)

Location of Project: Panajachel

Budget Amount: $10,000

NGO contact and website:
11ª calle 10-36 zona 2, Ciudad Nueva
Guatemala. 01002
Phone: +502 2254-1486/2254-4236

Project's Primary Objective: Strengthen formal and transitional education systems that encourage working children and those at risk of working to attend school.

Description of Organization: PAMI has realized various projects since 1998 in support of Guatemalan children and adolescents at risk in society, with special emphasis on child and adolescent laborers.

It founded the Seed Project in Panajachel, whose general objective is to germinate strategies with the child laborers to organize in respect to their work activities in Panajachel, especially in relationship to tourism. The NGO's focus areas include education, promotion of human rights, technical training, responsible tourism, leadership, and public policies.

Description of Project funded by CIRCLE: The main goal of the project is to educate children who are vulnerable to child labor through activities financed by subcontracts in the goal communities. Its main objective is to assure the long-term sustainability of educational initiatives to prevent child work. To achieve this sustainability, PAMI's CIRCLE project will 1) manage a scholarship program for middle school education for 30 students who will be able to continue a high school degree, and 2) achieve long-term sustainability with the participation of the local government, by monitoring progress on the Municipal Plan focused on Childhood and Adolescence presented to the Major and Municipal Council in Panajachel on September, 2003.

The project is also in line with other objectives and indicators of CIRCLE, as it works toward awareness and strengthening of formal, informal and transitory educational systems, and strengthening of institutions and politics related to education and national child labor. This project directly supports indicators such as registration, permanency, transition and conclusion of their educational program.

Project Targets (Common Indicators):
Enrollment: 30 adolescents
Persistence: 83%
Transition: 83%
Completion: 67%