Regions: Africa   Asia   Latin America

Name of Organization: Center for Rural Education and Development (CRED)

Country: India

Project Title: "Reduction of Child Labor Program through Education"

Project Timeframe: 12 Months

Location of Project: Vadipatty Block

Budget Amount: $9,976.00

NGO contact and website:
Mrs. A. Kanmani
301 Main Road
T. Vadipatty
Madurai District
Tamil Nadu, India
Office: 91-4543-254453
Email: Website:

Project's Primary Objective: Objective # 1 – Public Awareness

Description of Organization: Behind 15 years of service experience, the Center for Rural Education and Development (CRED) has adaptable capabilities and many years of distinguished service. It has established good liaisons with various government departments (such as the Health, Education, Labor, and Rural Development departments) as well as with the local community since 1987.

Through the many Self Help Groups (SHG) established by CRED, it has setup many activities and programs such as: micro-credit lending schemes, women's empowerment campaigns, reproductive and child health awareness and training programs, HIV/AIDS awareness programs, crèches for children of working parents, human rights awareness programs, and awareness programs on child labor issues.

Description of Project funded by CIRCLE: The objectives of the Reduction of Child Labor Program through Education project are to:
  • increase awareness among the community of the importance of children's education and their rights;
  • reduce the incidence of child labor;
  • establish and strengthen the support mechanisms for children's rights and children continuing in education; and
  • strengthen and establish linkages with formal and vocational and orphan institutions.
These objectives will be attained by implementing a strategy of community awareness and creation of complementary institutions. By making the community aware of the problems surrounding child labor, CRED ensures that the community will be motivated to continue the program once established. Based on this, CRED has identified the range of intervention that can be made in combating child labor in vulnerable areas. The primary area of focus will be the sensitization of society on the crucial causes and implications of child labor leading to a greater awareness that child labor is both a consequence, as well as, a cause of poverty.

Project Targets (Common Indicators):
Enrollment: 367 children will be enrolled in educational programs.
Persistence: 92 children, or 25% of children will persist in the program.
Transition: 92, or 25% of children will make the transition to a formal school.
Completion: 60 children, or 16% will complete an educational program.