Regions: Africa   Asia   Latin America

Name of Organization: Voc Rural Development Centre (VOCRDC)

Country: India

Project Title: "Community Participating In Total Elimination Of Child Labor Through Education"

Project Timeframe: 13 months (Starting in June 2005)

Location of Project: Alanganallur Block, Mudurai District, Tamilnadu

Budget Amount: $8,589

NGO contact and website:
Katchaikatty – Post, Vadipatty – Taluk.
Madurai, India - 625 218
Phone/Fax Number : 04543 – 254564, 254164

Project's Primary Objective: Raise awareness of the importance of education for all children, and mobilize a wide array of actors to improve and expand education infrastructures.

Description of Organization: VOC Rural Development Centre is a registered non-profit voluntary development organization in India, established in 1996. VOC RDC is operating its activities with mission to abolish child labour totally in the villages of the Alanganallur block in Madurai District. The vision of VOC RDC is " To empower the suppressed communities and women through participatory approaches towards sustainable development." The NGO's mission is "To mobilize the women and suppressed community and generate awareness in the fields of education, socio-economics, law, health care, and self-employment by involving them in self-planned activities in the most backward rural areas of Tamil Nadu." VOC RDC was established to address the problem of children affected by quarry and stone crushing units of Alanganallur block. A major objective is to eliminate child labour through education. The NGO's main goals are:
  1. To improve the economic, social and cultural status of rural communities and enhance their skills and self-management capacity.
  2. To unite rural communities without any prejudices or discrimination, spurring them to action for the upliftment of the social, cultural and economic life of all.
  3. To establish self-sufficient, self-reliant, and self-managed communities based on principles of freedom, economic equality and social justice.

Description of Project funded by CIRCLE: Under CIRCLE, VOD RDC's primary objective is mass mobilization and community participation in child labour abolition work. The project will generate awareness on compulsory education for all children below the age of 15 through enrolment in regular schools or informal educational schemes. As an activity of the project, a three-day moped rally will be organized around the Alanganallur block, covering 89 villages. On top of such rallies, 50,000 villagers – including parents of child workers, youth, women, and village leaders – will be sensitized through mass campaigns like wall posters, hand bills, stand boards and slide show at theatres. Television as an effective media will be used for anti child labour campaign. Likewise seminars and workshops on child labour issue, the priority of education, and the rights of children will be conducted for schoolteachers, community leaders and panchayat presidents. Special training will be given to women sangam and youth groups to eliminate child labour activities. Teachers and Head Masters will be trained to make the education program for children a joyful learning. The project will also establish linkages with formal and alternative innovative education schemes and vocational institutions so as to enrol all school aged children and let them complete at least primary education. VOC RDC will provide uniforms and notebooks to children through CIRCLE funds as a direct support.

The above-mentioned objective will be fulfilled through following strategies:
  • Community awareness and community-based groups support mobilization
  • Strengthening formal and informal school system
  • Motivating the community on the evils of child labor
  • Orientation for school enrolment and completion of primary education
  • Dialogue with employers and enforcement officials
By the end of its CIRCLE project, VOD RDC expects the following outcomes:
  • Nearly 10,000 people aware of child labour issue through motivational camps and training
  • 536 child labour enrolled and retained in formal and AIE schemes
  • Community based groups initiated, including in reduction of child labour activities
  • 95% of children enrolled in formal schools will complete primary education
  • 267 teachers trained on elimination of child labour through education
  • Alternative innovative Education Teachers (25), Creche workers (52), Anganwadi workers (89), Head master (78), SSA Teachers (7) have participated in total elimination of child labour through education

Project Targets (Common Indicators):
Enrollment: 536 children
Persistence: 100%
Transition: 95% (509 children)
Completion: 95% (509 children)