Regions: Africa   Asia   Latin America

Name of Organization: Creative Women Environment Development Association

Country: Nepal

Project Title: "Highway Campaign Against Child Labor through Street Dramas and NFE Program for Education"

Project Timeframe: 3 Months

Location of Project: 6 spots and will cover 5 districts of Katmandu

Budget Amount: $2,963.00

NGO contact and website:
Ms. Rita Devkota
G.P.O Box 13387
Baluwatar, Kathmandu
Ph/Fax: 01-4429020

Project's Primary Objective: Objective # 1 – Raise awareness of the importance of education for all children
Objective # 2 - Strengthen formal and transitional education systems

Description of Organization: Creative Women Environment Development Association (CWEDA) is an independent, non-profit, non-political, and non-governmental organization (NGO) registered with His Majesty's Government of Nepal under the officer in Kathmandu and the Social Welfare Council. CWEDA is made up of social workers who have contributed over 15 years of service in the development sector with the aim of promoting development among men and women of low income, deprived groups, and disadvantaged people. Since it's establishment, CWEDA has focused on the following:
  1. Raising awareness in environment and community developments through street dramas and cultural programs;
  2. Assisting micro-finance and entrepreneurial development; and
  3. Prepare visual tele-films, documentaries, audiocassettes, and posters for use in awareness-raising campaigns.
The following are some projects of CWEDA:
  • Adult literacy training (funding by PACT Nepal)
  • Micro-credit project (funding by MEPW)
  • Women's Empowerment Project (funding by PACT Nepal)
  • Awareness-raising on health and environmental issues (funding by UNICEF)
  • Income generating program for minority ethnic groups (funding by AUSAID)
  • Technical service and training for the formation of Co-operative Management
  • Providing small loans for women, as an intermediary
  • Street drama for HIV/AIDS awareness (funding by National AIDS & STD Control Center, H.M. Government of Nepal)
  • Street drama for awareness on Polio (Polio Eradication Nepal/WHO)

Description of Project funded by CIRCLE: Under this project, CWEDA aims to raise awareness and provide non-formal education for six weeks, in six locations in two districts. The project will be conducted in two phases. Firstly, CWEDA will conduct an awareness program through street drama and will identify interested children. Each street drama will be 30-35 minutes, and promotions will start two hours before the performance. Feedback will be taken from the audience in the form of questionnaires and qualitative interviews after each performance. Secondly, CWEDA will conduct short-term non-formal classes to re-interest the children in education and talk to them and their families about enrolment in the formal school system. The detailed activity plan is as follows:

Street Drama
  1. Coordination – the team manager will coordinate with all necessary agencies, i.e. CDO office of the relevant districts, local clubs, schools, local leaders, social workers, etc. required for the team to work in the target areas.
  2. Script writing – the script for the street drama will be developed in reference to the objectives of the project, and the final draft script will be presented to the CIRCLE Project Asia for feedback and comments. All feedback will be incorporated into the final script.
  3. Rehearsals – The drama team will rehearse on the script for 10 days under the supervision director Mr. Prakash Dhital.
  4. Street theater – Street theater will be shown on the Highways.
NFE Program
  1. NFE Curriculum and instructor – CWEDA will use curricula from its earlier programs and make modifications based on local conditions and secondary research.
  2. Enrollment for NFE – enrollment for the NFE will be conducted during and after the street dramas. (Target: approximately 55 children)
  3. NFE Classes – the NFE classes will be conducted in a fixed time based on the requirements of the location. The classes will be conducted for approximately two hours a day, five days a week for six weeks.

Project Targets (Common Indicators):
Enrollment: 65% of target Children in NFE
Persistence: 65% of enrolled street children
Transition: 25% will be enrolled in the formal school
Completion: 65% will complete the NFE Classes