Regions: Africa   Asia   Latin America

Name of Organization: Child Workers in Nepal (CWIN)

Country: Nepal

Project Title: "From Exploitation to Education"

Project Timeframe: 24 months

Location of Project: 10 districts (Rolpa, Rukum, Salyan, Kaski, Chitwan, Dhading, Makwanpur, Kathmandu Valley, Morang and Jhapa.)

Budget Amount: $113,000

NGO contact and website:
Mr. Gauri Pradhan
Rabi Bhawan
Ktm, Nepal
Office: 98102493

Project's Primary Objective: Objective # 1 – Advocacy and Awareness-Raising

Description of Organization: Child Workers in Nepal Concerned Center (CWIN) is the pioneer child rights organization in Nepal, established in 1987. CWIN is the organization that first raised the issue of child labor in Nepal, and made it a national concern. CWIN is primarily an advocacy organization with focus on child labor, street children, child abuse, trafficking in children and other related issues but parallel to its advocacy work, it works directly with children and for children focusing its activities on the relief, socialization and social re-integration of children living and working in the most difficult circumstances. Through its centers and community programs, CWIN acts as a child's lobbying voice, campaigning and pressuring the government to protect and promote children's rights in the country and to end all kinds of exploitation, abuse, and discrimination against children. It has played a vital role in the Global March Against Child Labor Movement. Apart from its campaigns, CWIN has conducted various non-formal education programs for child laborers and has been supporting more than 1500 former child laborers and children at risk for their education by providing school sponsorships and a hostel. It is working in 30 districts of Nepal through the Child Rights Forums formed by the school children.

Description of Project funded by CIRCLE: The From Exploitation to Education project addresses the issue of child labor and focuses on activities that involve many stakeholders. This project will bring nationwide awareness on the importance of education to combat child labor exploitation. It will also help strengthen institutional cooperation among the major key actors working for the common cause of child labor. This project will also sensitize about 500 teachers and 1000 people from different concerned groups to promote their role and capacity in community awareness on the educational rights of working children which becomes very essential where child labor is widely seen as a manifestation of poverty and a child's economic contribution to the household economy are seen as vital to meeting the basic needs of the family. This project takes a multi-dimensional approach to overcoming the obstacles to children involved in exploitative labor. CWIN will improve access, suggest improving relevancy of existing education systems for child workers, and advocate for quality of education for child laborers so that education becomes a realistic means for social change. Therefore, CWIN has set primary objective as: advocate and raise awareness against child labor exploitation focusing on education by strengthening Child Rights Forums and National Institutions.

To achieve the objective, CWIN will launch awareness raising campaigns throughout the 10 districts. CWIN will also support children's ideas for message deliverance to produce a variety of behavior change materials, to provide information on education as a means to combat child labor to children, parents, schools and other non-formal education programs throughout Nepal. At least 500 child workers will be provided scholarships supported through the Child Rights Forum for enrolling in schools during the project period. At least 2,000 other children associated with Child Rights Forums will be trained on issues of child labor and advocacy. Another 10,000 children will be made aware of child labor exploitation and prevention. In addition, 50,000 people from different walks of life will get information about the importance of education to combat child labor exploitation.

A national level workshop will be organized with the National stakeholders such as ministries, trade unions, teachers' unions, federation of journalists, central child welfare boards, etc. The workshop will work towards the drafting of the declaration of each stakeholder and guidelines for standardizing and improving the enforcement methods to be developed. One of the major achievements of this project will be to promote education for child workers so they can either “institutionalize” existing programs or change policies in favor of education of child labor.

In addition to this, the project will also document the best practices of Child Rights Forums in the community and national level for educational achievement of working children, stories reflecting educational persistence and completion, and child-to-child programs for tracking children out of school. In this regard TV Documentary on Efforts made by Child Rights Forums in Combating Child Labor Exploitation will also be made along with website ( URL development. This will aid in promotion of Children's Participation to eliminate child labor exploitation via media and also help in highlighting the issue of importance of education.

The degree of involvement and number of targeted villages within each geographical area will vary depending on the interventions needed and prevalent target groups in that area. CWIN will work with a variety of partners to target 10 districts (mentioned above). Although these districts will be the primary targets, the structures, policy work and advocacy measures are designed to impact children throughout Nepal through various partners. The result of this program will be felt nationally.

Project Targets (Common Indicators):
Enrollment: 500 children enrolled
Perisistence: none specified
Transition: none specified
Completion: none specified