Regions: Africa   Asia   Latin America

Name of Organization: ACTUATOR for Socio Economic Progress

Country: Philippines

Project Title: "Institutionalizing Community Based Education Trust Fund"

Project Timeframe: May 2005 - October 2005

Location of Project: Barangay Wawa, Malaban, Binan, Laguna

Budget Amount: $ 9,800

NGO contact and website:
#24 Doña Carmen Ave. Don Jose Heights,
Commonwealth Avenue
Quezon City
Phone : (02) 939-741
Email: Philippines,

Project's Primary Objective: Ensure the long-term sustainability of anti-child labor efforts.

Description of Organization: Actuator specializes in micro-enterprise development for disadvantaged communities, reforestation, agro-forestry, and education and rural development by utilizing community organization and organizational development approaches. In its work, Actuator focuses on participatory techniques and other strategies that strengthen community involvement and ownership of development activities. Since 1982, Actuator has done projects with USAID, The Asia Foundation, Canadian Embassy, UNICEF, and ILO-IPEC, among others.

Description of Project funded by CIRCLE: This 6-month project intends to build on the gains of the past ILO-IPEC project among small footwear producers in the community. It seeks to pilot a mechanism for sustaining education of at-risk and working children as well as keep them out of hazardous workplaces and other potentially harmful work within the community. The project will enlist the active collective effort of at least 50 parents who will build and manage an educational plan to sustain their children's education beyond the project life. This group of parents will be trained in advocating with other parents and community stakeholders regarding the value of continuing education for children and their right to be protected from harmful work.

Capacity building for parent advocates will incorporate technical training in quality footwear production as a mechanism for sustaining parents' abilities to support their children. It will likewise improve parents' observance of health and safety standards in the workplace.

Tutorial services for selected 50 most-at-risk child laborers will be provided to enable children to improve their school performance and stay in school.

Project Targets (Common Indicators):
Enrollment: 50 at-risk children
Persistance: 100%
Completion: 100%