Regions: Africa   Asia   Latin America

Name of Organization: Kaugmaon Center for Children's Concerns Foundation

Country: Philippines

Project Title: "Community-based Interventions for Child Laborers in the 13 Urban Poor Barangays of Davao City"

Project Timeframe: May 2005 - July 2006

Location of Project: 13 urban poor villages (barangays) in Davao City

Budget Amount: $ 9,950

NGO contact and website:
#59 Vinzon-Cervante Street, Barrio Obrero
Davao City, Philippines
Phone:(+63-82) 221 6669, (+63-82) 221 6669

Project's Primary Objective: Raise awareness of the importance of education for all children, and mobilize a wide array of actors to improve and expand education infrastructures.

Description of Organization: Kaugmaon's CIRCLE project is aimed at raising the awareness of parents, children and community members concerning the hazards of child labor and the importance of educational alternatives that prevent child labor. It has a small component that aims to provide tutorial services to at least 50 child laborers.

At the conclusion of the project, Kaugmaon hopes to have reached at least 450 child laborers and their parents and community members in the 13 target communities who can:
  • Identify the worst forms of child labor;
  • Assert their rights and identify safety measures to protect working children; and
  • Promote the value of educational interventions as a preventive measure against children's engagement in child labor.
Through awareness raising activities, such as a community theatre tour, 13 local child labor organizations will be formed, strengthened, and assisted in the conduct of Kaugmaon's child labor program. Twenty five parents will become members of the support group and local officials will signify support to the child labor program. Through its awareness raising and networking activities, the organization hopes to build sustainability by gradually operationalizing increased support to child labor issues among parents, teachers, local government units, business sector and other community members.

For its tutorial service, Kaugmaon will target 50 child laborers in school who have difficulties with their academic performance. At the end of their educational program, at least 35 of the 50 child laborers will pass their subjects.

Project Targets (Common Indicators):
Enrollment: 50 children
Persistence: 35 children
Completion: 100% (50 children)