Regions: Africa   Asia   Latin America

Name of Organization: Laura Vicuña Foundation, Inc.

Country: Philippines

Project Title: "Educational Assistance for Working Children"

Project Timeframe: 24 Months

Location of Project: Victorias City, Negros Occidental

Budget Amount: $80,000

NGO contact and website:
Sr. Ma. Victoria
3500 V. Mapa Ext. Sta. Mesa
Manila, Philippines
Office: 632-7147793

Project's Primary Objective: Objective # 2 – Strengthening Formal and Informal Educational System

Description of Organization: The Laura Vicuña Foundation, Inc. was organized in 1990 and is a partnership between the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians and several distinguished lay professionals/ collaborators, to address the problems of children in need of special protection. They first addressed the street children in Metro Manila. The Foundation aims to ensure the continuity and convergence of educational and development interventions to empower these children to become honest, productive and self-reliant citizens. It has evolved an integrated development program called the Journey of Hope. The Foundation is accredited by the Phil. Council for NGO Certification, the Department of Social Welfare and Development, and is an active member of the National Council of Social Development Foundation of the Philippines Inc. and the Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC) Technical Working Group for children in need of special protection particularly the commercial sexual exploitation of children. It is also a cooperating agency of UNICEF Philippines.

Description of Project funded by CIRCLE: The Community Participation in Child Laborer's Education and Elimination project will address the need to provide access to educational opportunities for 500 children of sugarcane plantation tenant families in Victorias City, Negros Occidental as a measure to prevent or remove them from child labor. The educational stream program covered by this project includes tutorials to out-of-school working children and youth, enrollment in formal elementary and secondary education in local schools, and enrollment in alternative vocational and technical training in the Laura Vicuña Community Development Resource and Technology Center. Vocational & Technical training will enable beneficiaries to undertake alternative employment and livelihood mainstreaming. The project is a direct social protection advocacy against child labor in the sugarcane industry and prevention of young girls and boys from being trafficked to work as domestic helpers, bar entertainers or child prostitutes in Manila and other urban centers.

Project Targets (Common Indicators):
Target beneficiaries: 500 children and youth under age of 18.

  • 350 children will be enrolled in the Elementary Grade, Secondary Level and Early Childhood Care and Development
  • 40 youth will be enrolled in Computer / Data Encoding or Secretarial Course
  • 60 youth will be enrolled in Food Trade / Processing
  • 50 youth will be enrolled in Garment Trade / Home Management, Electronics, Hairdressing and Cosmetology
Persistence: Drop-out cases will not exceed to 7% of the total number of children under formal education
Transition: 100% of the children at risk that make a transition to a formal school, from the Laura Vicuña Transitional Education Facility. 75% of children under formal education reached the set persistence rate (children that persist in the program-are promoted or repeat the same grade, phase or level)
Completion: 75% of children under formal education reached the set completion rate. Children that complete:
  • Elementary Grade Level
  • Secondary Grade Level
  • Vocational/ Technical